Presidential / Secretarial Events

Aloft Owner and Principal, Sean White, has extensive experience in planning and executing high level events.  He worked in Washington, DC for five years at the White House, US Small Business Administration, and US Department of Housing and Urban Development planning multiple Presidential and Secretarial events.

Presidential Experience

Aloft Principal and Owner, Sean White, spent several years in Washington, DC working in key positions at the White House, US Small Business Administration, and US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  During that time, Sean had the opportunity to manage and plan a number of different types of events.  It was here that Sean developed the ability to work closely with high ranking government officials from the President, to Cabinet Secretaries, Members of Congress, Governors, and local representatives to accomplish their goals from both a public and policy perspective.  

While at the White House Sean planned and/or managed events like:

  • Rose Garden ceremonies - specifically for the President's Council on Physical Fitness
  • Presidential travel to key states
  • Election night tracking
  • East Room speaking events
  • State Dining Room receptions
Secretarial Travel and Events

Sean departed the White House in 2006 to work with Steve Preston, the newly appointed Administrator of the US Small Business Administration (who later became the Secretary of HUD).  During that time, Sean managed all travel and events for the Administrator and then again when he became Secretary.  Sean planned and executed nearly 100 domestic and international trips as well as numbers local DC events while at the SBA and HUD.  The types of events ran the spectrum of possibilities, but included:

  • Press conferences
  • Large and small speaking engagements
  • Town Hall meetings
  • E-townhall meetings
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Site visits
  • Tours
  • Disaster site visits and aerial tours
  • Round table discussions
  • Facilitated Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner sessions



To facilitate events such as these, Sean regularly coordinated and consulted with Congressional, Gubernatorial, Mayoral and other elected officials who would be part of these events.  Additionally, due to the nature of the type of work that both SBA and HUD do in the event of natural disasters - a significant amount of travel was to areas that had just been hit by disaster requiring significant coordination with FEMA, DHS, and other local, state, and Federal entities.  During his time at SBA, Sean coordinated 13 trips to New Orleans alone in response to Hurricane Katrina.

US Small Business Week

One of the larger events Sean played a significant role in managing and executing was US Small Business Week.  This event is a multi-day event celebrating hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs from around the country.  The events involved several awards ceremonies (often meal-time events), intricate staging, town hall sessions with key policy makers, an reception at the US State Department, and a special keynote and reception at the White House with the President (pictured above).

This event was a hallmark event for SBA and one that received high marks from sponsors and attendees alike.

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